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    Final run of changes to back-sql; IBM db2 support has been tested. · f11c6b27
    Pierangelo Masarati authored
    Now related ITSes need be audited and possibly closed.
      - re-styled code for better readability
      - upgraded backend API to reflect recent changes
      - LDAP schema is checked when loading SQL/LDAP mapping
      - AttributeDescription/ObjectClass pointers used for more efficient
        mapping lookup
      - bervals used where string length is required often
      - atomized write operations by committing at the end of each operation
        and defaulting connection closure to rollback
      - added LDAP access control to write operations
      - fully implemented modrdn (with rdn attrs change, deleteoldrdn,
        access check, parent/children check and more)
      - added parent access control, children control to delete operation
      - added structuralObjectClass operational attribute check and
        value return on search
      - added hasSubordinate operational attribute on demand
      - search limits are appropriately enforced
      - function backsql_strcat() has been made more efficient
      - concat function has been made configurable by means of a pattern
      - added config switches:
          - fail_if_no_mapping	write operations fail if there is no mapping
          - has_ldapinfo_dn_ru	overrides autodetect
          - concat_pattern		a string containing two '?' is used
    				(note that "?||?" should be more portable
    				than builtin function "CONCAT(?,?)")
          - strcast_func		cast of string constants in "SELECT DISTINCT					statements (needed by PostgreSQL)
          - upper_needs_cast	cast the argument of upper when required
    				(basically when building dn substring queries)
      - add security checks for SQL statements that can be injected (?)
      - re-test with previously supported RDBMs
      - replace dn_ru and so with normalized dn (no need for upper() and so
        in dn match)
      - implement a backsql_normalize() function to replace the upper()
        conversion routines
      - note that subtree deletion, subtree renaming and so could be easily
        implemented (rollback and consistency checks are available :)
      - implement "lastmod" and other operational stuff (ldap_entries table ?)