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Delete garbage characters at head of file, brief note about MirrorMode

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# $OpenLDAP$
# $OpenLDAP$
# Copyright 1999-2007 The OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved.
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ Syncrepl.
{{How do I implement a pushed based replication system using Syncrepl?}}
The easiest way is to point an LDAP backend ({{SECT: Backends}} and {{slapd-ldap(8)}})
to your slave/s directory and setup Syncrepl to point to your Master database.
to your slave directory and setup Syncrepl to point to your Master database.
REFERENCE test045/048 for better explanation of above.
......@@ -158,6 +158,16 @@
H3: MirrorMode
MirrorMode is a hybrid configuration that provides all of the consistency
guarantees of single-master replication while also providing the high
availability of multi-master. In MirrorMode two masters are set up to
replicate from each other (as a multi-master configuration) but an
external frontend is employed to direct all writes to only one of
the two servers. The second master will only be used for writes if
the first master crashes, at which point the frontend will switch to
directing all writes to the second master. When a crashed master is
repaired and restarted it will automatically catch up to any changes
on the running master and resync.
H2: LDAP Sync Replication
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