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OpenLDAP 2.3 Change Log
OpenLDAP 2.3.18 Engineering
Fixed slapd wake_listener
Fixed slapd syncrepl variable used before set bug (ITS#4331)
Updated slapd-meta retry capabiltiies (ITS#4328)
Fixed slapo-pcache attrsets issues (ITS#4316)
Fixed slapd-ldap idassert resource leak (ITS#4326)
Fixed slapd-meta nretries issue (ITS#4059)
Fixed slapd wake_listener loses wakes (ITS#4343)
Fixed slapd connection manager issue (ITS#4338)
Fixed slapd hanlding of old style configuration directives (ITS#4341)
Removed slapd-bdb/hdb extraneous yields (ITS#3950)
Build Environment
Removed problematic Linux sched_yield(2) workarounds (ITS#3950)
Updated release documents
Updated misc. manual pages
OpenLDAP 2.3.17 Release
Fixed slapd anonymous proxy authorization issue (ITS#4320)
......@@ -19,9 +19,7 @@ REQUIRED SOFTWARE
POSIX REGEX software (required)
BDB and HDB backends require Sleepycat Berkeley DB 4.2
LDBM backend requires a compatible database manager
[Berkeley DB, GDBM, etc.]
BDB and HDB backends require Sleepycat Berkeley DB 4.2 or later
LTHREAD compatible thread package
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