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Wee note about Wireskark and LDAP.

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......@@ -73,11 +73,22 @@ H2: How to present your problem
H2: Debugging {{slapd}}(8)
After reading through the above sections and before e-mailing the OpenLDAP lists, you
might want to try out some of the following to track down the cause of your problems:
* Loglevel 256 is generally a good first loglevel to try for getting
information useful to list members on issues
* Running {{slapd -d -1}} can often track down fairly simple issues, such as
missing schemas and incorrect file permissions for the {{slapd}} user to things like certs
For those of you so inclined, a great LDAP Protocol Dissector is available in {[PRD:Wireshark}}
and is discussed at:
It's very interesting to look inside the LDAP Protocol, but please do not try to use this tool
in debugging normal problems.
H2: Commercial Support
The firms listed at {{URL:}} offer technical support services catering to OpenLDAP community.
......@@ -142,9 +142,10 @@ OpenLDAP ITS|
OpenLDAP Software|
# Internet and X.500 terms
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