Commit 3a6b3995 authored by Ondřej Kuzník's avatar Ondřej Kuzník
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Reflect backend URI change in cn=monitor

parent bace7959
......@@ -728,6 +728,12 @@ lload_monitor_server_update(
ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_unlock( &b->b_mutex );
/* Right now, there is no way to retrieve the entry from monitor's
* cache to replace URI at the moment it is modified */
a = attr_find( e->e_attrs, ad_olmServerURI );
assert( a != NULL );
ber_bvreplace( &a->a_vals[0], &b->b_uri );
a = attr_find( e->e_attrs, ad_olmActiveConnections );
assert( a != NULL );
UI2BV( &a->a_vals[0], active );
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