Commit 3b26e1c1 authored by Quanah Gibson-Mount's avatar Quanah Gibson-Mount
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parent f4451fcc
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.4.45 Engineering
Fixed slapd syncrepl infinite looping mods with delta-sync MMR (ITS#8432)
Fixed slapd callback struct so older modules without writewait should function.
Custom modules may need to be updated for sc_writewait callback (ITS#8435)
Fixed slapd-ldap/meta broken LDAP_TAILQ macro (ITS#8576)
Fixed slapd-mdb so it passes ITS6794 regression test (ITS#6794)
Fixed slapd-meta uninitialized diagnostic message (ITS#8442)
Fixed slapo-accesslog to honor pauses during purge for cn=config update (ITS#8423)
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