Commit 41427fe3 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#8800 remove originator check in syncprov_search_response

Let the entryCSN check do all the work. Reloading a server from an old
backup needs this to go thru.
parent cdb83f84
......@@ -2376,14 +2376,6 @@ syncprov_search_response( Operation *op, SlapReply *rs )
int i, sid;
sid = slap_parse_csn_sid( &a->a_nvals[0] );
/* Don't send changed entries back to the originator */
if ( sid == srs->sr_state.sid && srs->sr_state.numcsns ) {
"Entry %s changed by peer, ignored\n",
rs->sr_entry->e_name.bv_val, 0, 0 );
/* If not a persistent search */
if ( !ss->ss_so ) {
/* Make sure entry is less than the snapshot'd contextCSN */
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