Commit 46704b72 authored by Quanah Gibson-Mount's avatar Quanah Gibson-Mount
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modular tls

parent 4b7eb173
......@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ XXSRCS = apitest.c test.c \
getdn.c getentry.c getattr.c getvalues.c addentry.c \
request.c os-ip.c url.c pagectrl.c sortctrl.c vlvctrl.c \
init.c options.c print.c string.c util-int.c schema.c \
charray.c tls.c os-local.c dnssrv.c utf-8.c utf-8-conv.c \
charray.c os-local.c dnssrv.c utf-8.c utf-8-conv.c \
tls2.c tls_o.c tls_g.c tls_m.c \
turn.c ppolicy.c dds.c txn.c ldap_sync.c stctrl.c \
assertion.c deref.c
SRCS = threads.c rdwr.c rmutex.c tpool.c rq.c \
......@@ -44,7 +45,8 @@ OBJS = threads.lo rdwr.lo rmutex.lo tpool.lo rq.lo \
getdn.lo getentry.lo getattr.lo getvalues.lo addentry.lo \
request.lo os-ip.lo url.lo pagectrl.lo sortctrl.lo vlvctrl.lo \
init.lo options.lo print.lo string.lo util-int.lo schema.lo \
charray.lo tls.lo os-local.lo dnssrv.lo utf-8.lo utf-8-conv.lo \
charray.lo os-local.lo dnssrv.lo utf-8.lo utf-8-conv.lo \
tls2.lo tls_o.lo tls_g.lo tls_m.lo \
turn.lo ppolicy.lo dds.lo txn.lo ldap_sync.lo stctrl.lo \
assertion.lo deref.lo
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