Commit 4eacb029 authored by Ondřej Kuzník's avatar Ondřej Kuzník Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#9124 Cancel exop test, piggybacking on syncrepl tests

parent c3e2b307
......@@ -495,6 +495,14 @@ EOMODS
sleep $SLEEP1
# Testing a cancel exop (should go in its own testcase)
-e '!cancel' \
'(objectclass=*)' '*' $OPATTRS > $TESTOUT 2>&1
# cancelled operation returns -1, so no point of checking return code, either
# it's cancelled or we get stuck forever
echo "Using ldapsearch to read all the entries from the provider..."
'(objectclass=*)' '*' $OPATTRS > $MASTEROUT 2>&1
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