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Trim some puffery, note back-ldbm

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......@@ -145,10 +145,6 @@ processing time is almost invisible; the runtime is limited only by the memory
bandwidth of the machine. (The search data rate corresponds to about 3.5GB/sec;
the memory bandwidth on the machine is only about 4GB/sec due to ECC and register latency.)
No other Directory Server in the world is this fast or this efficient. Couple
that with the scalability, manageability, flexibility, and just the sheer
know-how behind this software, and nothing else is even remotely comparable.
H3: New overlays
* slapo-dds (Dynamic Directory Services, RFC 2589)
......@@ -181,9 +177,19 @@ H3: New build options
* Advertisement of LDAP server in DNS
H2: Obsolete Features in 2.4
H2: Obsolete Features Removed From 2.4
H3: Slurpd
Please read the {{SECT:Replication}} section as to why this is no longer in
H3: back-ldbm
back-ldbm was both slow and unreliable. Its byzantine indexing code was
prone to spontaneous corruption, as were the underlying database libraries
that were commonly used (e.g. GDBM or NDBM). back-bdb and back-hdb are
superior in every aspect, with simplified indexing to avoid index corruption,
fine-grained locking for greater concurrency, hierarchical caching for
greater performance, streamlined on-disk format for greater efficiency
and portability, and full transaction support for greater reliability.
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