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There is no TCL backend

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......@@ -394,8 +394,7 @@ well-defined {{TERM:C}} {{TERM:API}}, you can write your own
customized modules which extend {{slapd}} in numerous ways. Also,
a number of {{programmable database}} modules are provided. These
allow you to expose external data sources to {{slapd}} using popular
programming languages ({{PRD:Perl}}, {{shell}}, {{TERM:SQL}}, and
programming languages ({{PRD:Perl}}, {{shell}}, and {{TERM:SQL}}.
{{B:Threads}}: {{slapd}} is threaded for high performance. A single
multi-threaded {{slapd}} process handles all incoming requests using
......@@ -143,7 +143,6 @@ OpenLDAP Software|
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