Commit 7e58cc0f authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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......@@ -4,8 +4,11 @@ LMDB 0.9.8 Engineering
Allow mdb_env_set_mapsize() on an open environment
Fix mdb_dbi_flags() (ITS#7672)
Fix mdb_page_unspill() in nested txns
Fix mdb_cursor_get(CURRENT|NEXT) after a delete
Fix mdb_cursor_get(DUP) to always return key (ITS#7671)
Fix mdb_cursor_del() to always advance to next item (ITS#7670)
Fix mdb_cursor_set(SET_RANGE) for tree with single page (ITS#7681)
Fix mdb_env_copy() retry open if O_DIRECT fails (ITS#7682)
Tweak mdb_page_spill() to be less aggressive
Update caveats since mdb_reader_check() added in 0.9.7
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