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......@@ -237,11 +237,9 @@ an RDBMS, and want to use modern solutions that expect such information in LDAP
distribute information between different sites/applications that use RDBMSes
and/or LDAP. Or whatever else...
It is NOT designed as a general-purpose backend that uses RDBMS instead of
It is {{B:NOT}} designed as a general-purpose backend that uses RDBMS instead of
BerkeleyDB (as the standard BDB backend does), though it can be used as such with
several limitations. You can take a look at {{URL:}}
(OpenLDAP FAQ-O-Matic/General LDAP FAQ/Directories vs. conventional databases)
to find out more on this point.
several limitations. Please see {{SECT: LDAP vs RDBMS}} for discussion.
The idea is to use some meta-information to translate LDAP queries to SQL queries,
leaving relational schema untouched, so that old applications can continue using
......@@ -103,4 +103,8 @@ minutes have passed since the checkpoint.
This has been modified in 2.3 to indeed checkpoint every so often; in the meantime
a workaround is to invoke "db_checkpoint" from a cron script every so often, say 5 minutes.
H2: Migration
Exporting to a new system......
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Essentially they represent a means to:
Overlays are usually documented by separate specific man pages in section 5;
the naming convention is
slapo-<overlay name>
> slapo-<overlay name>
Not all distributed overlays have a man page yet. Feel free to contribute one,
if you think you well understood the behavior of the component and the
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ implications of all the related configuration directives.
Official overlays are located in
> servers/slapd/overlays/
That directory also contains the file slapover.txt, which describes the
rationale of the overlay implementation, and may serve as guideline for the
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ development of custom overlays.
Contribware overlays are located in
contrib/slapd-modules/<overlay name>/
> contrib/slapd-modules/<overlay name>/
along with other types of run-time loadable components; they are officially
distributed, but not maintained by the project.
......@@ -11,10 +11,42 @@ Browse the list archives at {{URL:}}
Chances are the problem has been solved and explained in detail many times before.
H2: User or Software errors?
More often than not, an error is caused by a configuration problem or a misunderstanding
of what you are trying to implement and/or achieve.
Sometimes you may encounter an actual OpenLDAP bug, in which case please visit
our Issue Tracking system {{URL:}} and report it there,
providing as much information as possible.
Note: Our Issue Tracking system is {{B:NOT}} for OpenLDAP {{B:Support}}, please join our
mailing Lists: {{URL:}} for that
We will now attempt to discuss common user errors
H2: Checklist
The following checklist can help track down your problem. Please try to use if {{B:before}}
posting to the list, or in the rare circumstances of reporting a bug.
H2: User or Software errors?
.{{S: }}
^{{B: Is {{slapd}} running?}}
.{{S: }}
+{{B: Can you issue an {{ldapsearch}}?}}
.{{S: }}
+{{B: If not, have you enabled complex ACLs without fully understanding them?}}
.{{S: }}
+{{B: Do you have a system wide LDAP setting pointing to the wrong LDAP Directory?}}
.{{S: }}
+{{B: Are you using TLS?}}
.{{S: }}
+{{B: Have your certificates expired?}}
H2: 3rd party software error
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