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Trim obsolete replog reference
Fix RFC reference
parent 2f58faad
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.4.8 Engineering
DB_CONFIG.example URL wrong in comments (ITS#5288)
Add cn=config example for auditlog (ITS#5245)
ldapmodify(1) clarification for RFC2849 (ITS#5312)
OpenLDAP 2.4.7 Release (2007/12/14)
Added slapd ordered indexing of integer attributes (ITS#5239)
......@@ -151,13 +151,6 @@ debugging in conjunction with -v.
.B \-v
Use verbose mode, with many diagnostics written to standard output.
.B \-F
Force application of all changes regardless of the contents of input
lines that begin with
.I replica:
(by default, replica: lines are compared against the LDAP server host
and port in use to decide if a replog record should actually be applied).
.B \-M[M]
Enable manage DSA IT control.
.B \-MM
......@@ -243,40 +236,9 @@ Issue StartTLS (Transport Layer Security) extended operation. If you use
, the command will require the operation to be successful.
The contents of \fIfile\fP (or standard input if no \-f flag is given on
the command line) should conform to the format defined in
.BR ldif (1)
(LDIF as defined RFC 2849), or
.BR slapd.replog (5)
(an extended form of LDIF)
with the exceptions noted below.
Lines that begin with "replica:" are matched against the LDAP server host
and port in use to decide if a particular replog record should be applied.
Any other lines that precede the "dn:" line are ignored.
The -F flag can be used to force
.I ldapmodify
to apply all of the replog changes, regardless of the presence or
absence of any "replica:" lines.
If no "changetype:" line is present, the default is "add" if the -a
flag is set (or if the program was invoked as
.I ldapadd)
and "modify" otherwise.
If changetype is "modify" and no "add:", "replace:", or "delete:" lines
appear, the default is "replace" for
.BR ldapmodify (1)
and "add" for
.BR ldapadd (1).
Note that the above exceptions to the
.BR slapd.replog (5)
format allow
the command line) must conform to the format defined in
.BR ldif (5)
entries to be used as input to
.I ldapmodify
.I ldapadd.
(LDIF as defined in RFC 2849).
Assuming that the file
.B /tmp/entrymods
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