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Remove quick install guide from README, it's too quick. Update INSTALL.

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......@@ -102,19 +102,17 @@ these steps:
These configuration files are located in the OpenLDAP
configuration directory (normally /usr/local/etc/openldap).
ldap.conf - LDAP defaults
Client configuration files:
ldap.conf - client defaults
ldapfilter.conf - search filter configuration
ldapsearchprefs.conf - search object definitions
ldaptemplates.conf - display template definitions
There are section 5 man pages for all of these files.
9. edit client configuration files as needed.
See ldap.conf(5) for details.
Server configuration files:
ldapd.conf - LDAP - X.500 daemon
slapd.conf - Standalone LDAP daemon
10. edit server configuration files as needed.
See slapd.conf(5) if running slapd.
See ldapd.conf(5) if running ldapd.
There are section 5 man pages for all of these files.
Building LDAP For More Than One Platform
......@@ -50,24 +50,7 @@ REQUIRED SOFTWARE
This is a quick guide. For details, see the INSTALL file.
% ./configure
configure OpenLDAP for current platform
% make depend
this will create dependency information
% make
this will build the system
% su
# make install
in this directory. This should produce something that basically
works. You can "cd tests; make" to verify the build.
See the INSTALL file in this directory for more information.
Please see the INSTALL file for details.
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