Commit ac6fcaa9 authored by Julio Sánchez Fernández's avatar Julio Sánchez Fernández
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Revert the definition of the f_un_sub choice in the filter for the time

being.  Really, this should be done, but it makes too great a mess,
so we will leave it for later.
parent d8e54b0f
......@@ -113,7 +113,9 @@ typedef struct filter {
/* substrings */
struct sub {
char *f_un_sub_type;
struct berval f_un_sub_value;
char *f_un_sub_initial;
char **f_un_sub_any;
char *f_un_sub_final;
} f_un_sub;
} f_un;
#define f_type f_un.f_un_type
......@@ -131,7 +133,9 @@ typedef struct filter {
#define f_list f_un.f_un_complex
#define f_sub f_un.f_un_sub
#define f_sub_type f_un.f_un_sub.f_un_sub_type
#define f_sub_value f_un.f_un_sub.f_un_sub_value
#define f_sub_initial f_un.f_un_sub.f_un_sub_initial
#define f_sub_any f_un.f_un_sub.f_un_sub_any
#define f_sub_final f_un.f_un_sub.f_un_sub_final
struct filter *f_next;
} Filter;
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