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KERBEROS has not been a valid password scheme since 2004...

Actually, slapd has supported sasl_setpass for many years...
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......@@ -274,19 +274,6 @@ verification to another process. See below for more information.
Note: This is not the same as using SASL to authenticate the LDAP
H3: KERBEROS password storage scheme
This is not really a password storage scheme at all. It uses the
value of the {{userPassword}} attribute to delegate password
verification to Kerberos.
Note: This is not the same as using Kerberos authentication of
the LDAP session.
This scheme could be said to defeat the advantages of Kerberos by
causing the Kerberos password to be exposed to the {{slapd}} server
(and possibly on the network as well).
H2: Pass-Through authentication
Since OpenLDAP 2.0 {{slapd}} has had the ability to delegate password
......@@ -316,9 +303,6 @@ mechanism and are used to identify the account whose password is to be
verified. This allows arbitrary mapping between entries in OpenLDAP
and accounts known to the backend authentication service.
Note: There is no support for changing passwords in the backend
via {{slapd}}.
It would be wise to use access control to prevent users from changing
their passwords through LDAP where they have pass-through authentication
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