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A N N O U N C E M E N T -- OpenLDAP 2.4
The OpenLDAP Project is pleased to announce the availability
of OpenLDAP Software 2.4, a suite of the Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol (v3) servers, clients, utilities, and
development tools.
This release contains the following major enhancements:
This release includes the following major components:
* slapd - a stand-alone LDAP directory server
* slurpd - a stand-alone LDAP replication server
* -lldap - a LDAP client library
* -llber - a lightweight BER/DER encoding/decoding library
* LDIF tools - data conversion tools for use with slapd
* LDAP tools - A collection of command line LDAP utilities
* Admin Guide, Manual Pages - associated documentation
* SNACC - ASN.1 development tools for OpenLDAP
In addition, there are some contributed components:
* LDAPC++ - a LDAP C++ SDK
* Various slapd modules and slapi plugins
OpenLDAP Software is developed by the OpenLDAP Project. The
Project consists of a team of volunteers whose use the
Internet to coordinate their activities. The Project is
managed by the OpenLDAP Foundation.
OpenLDAP Software is derived from University of Michigan LDAP,
release 3.3.
This software is available under the OpenLDAP Public License,
an non-restrictive, "free", open-source license. For download
information is available at:
OpenLDAP Software is user supported:
The OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide, which includes quick
start instructions, is available at:
The project maintains a FAQ which you may find useful:
In addition, there are also a number of discussion lists
related OpenLDAP Software. A list of mailing lists is
available at:
To report bugs, please use project's Issue Tracking System:
The OpenLDAP home page containing lots of interesting information
and online documentation is available at this URL:
This release has been ported to many UNIX (and UNIX-like)
platforms including Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD
and most commercial UNIX systems. The release has also been
ported (in part or in whole) to other platforms including
Apple MacOS X, IBM zOS, and Microsoft Windows 2000.
OpenLDAP is a registered trademark of the OpenLDAP Foundation.
Copyright 1999-2006 The OpenLDAP Foundation, Redwood City,
California, USA. All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy and
distribute verbatim copies of this document is granted.
This software was obtained from the development branch (HEAD) of For a description of what this distribution contains, see the
the OpenLDAP Software Repository. This copy is likely already ANNOUNCEMENT file in this directory. For a description of
not current, the development branch changes frequently. These changes from previous releases, see the CHANGES file in this
changes include code implementing experimental features and directory.
unproven bug fixes. Please do NOT redistribute copies of the
development branch. This is 2.4 release, it includes significant changes from prior
The OpenLDAP Developer's FAQ is available at: REQUIRED SOFTWARE
Building OpenLDAP Software requires a number of software packages
Client developers seeking a suitable development platform to be preinstalled. Additional information regarding prerequisite
should use "release" or "stable" versions. software can be found in the OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide.
Base system (libraries and tools):
Contributing Standard C compiler (required)
Cyrus SASL 2.1.18+ (recommended)
See for how to OpenSSL 0.9.7+ (recommended)
contribute code or documentation to OpenLDAP. Use the Issue Tracking POSIX REGEX software (required)
System <> to submit contributions.
BDB and HDB backends require Sleepycat Berkeley DB 4.2 or later
LTHREAD compatible thread package
[POSIX threads, Mach Cthreads, select others]
Depends on package. See per package README.
Please see the INSTALL file for basic instructions. More
detailed instructions can be found in the OpenLDAP Admnistrator's
Guide (see DOCUMENTATION section).
The OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide is available in the
guide.html file in the doc/guide/admin directory. The
guide and a number of other documents are available at
The distribution also includes manual pages for most programs
and library APIs. See ldap(3) for details.
The OpenLDAP website is available and contains the latest LDAP
news, releases announcements, pointers to other LDAP resources,
etc.. It is located at <>.
The OpenLDAP Software FAQ is available at
OpenLDAP Software is user supported. If you have problems, please
review the OpenLDAP FAQ <> and
archives of the OpenLDAP-software and OpenLDAP-bugs mailing lists
<>. If you cannot find the answer,
please enquire on the OpenLDAP-software list.
Issues, such as bug reports, should be reported using our our
Issue Tracking System <>. Do not
use this system for software enquiries. Please direct these
to an appropriate mailing list.
See <> for
information regarding how to contribute code or documentation
to the OpenLDAP Project for inclusion in OpenLDAP Software.
While you are encouraged to coordinate and discuss the development While you are encouraged to coordinate and discuss the development
activities on the mailing list prior activities on the <> mailing list
to submission, it is noted that contributions must be submitted prior to submission, it is noted that contributions must be
using the Issue Tracking System to be considered. submitted using the Issue Tracking System
<> to be considered.
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$OpenLDAP$ $OpenLDAP$
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## <>. ## <>.
ol_package=OpenLDAP ol_package=OpenLDAP
ol_major=2 ol_major=2
ol_minor=X ol_minor=4
ol_patch=X ol_patch=X
ol_api_inc=000000 ol_api_inc=20400
ol_api_current=0 ol_api_current=0
ol_api_revision=0 ol_api_revision=0
ol_api_age=0 ol_api_age=0
ol_release_date="00/00/0000" ol_release_date="2006/00/00"
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