Commit b7c95845 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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/-ansi/-O -g/

parent 9a7cc9e5
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ these steps:
These environment variables are used:
CC C Compiler (cc, ecgs)
CFLAGS C Flags (-ansi)
CFLAGS C Flags (-O -g)
CPPFLAGS CPP Flags (-I/path/include -Ddef)
LIBS LIBS (-llib)
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ WARNING: Executables built in your environment may not run
Supported Environmental Variables
CC C compiler (cc, egcc)
CFLAGS C flags (-ansi)
CFLAGS C flags (-O -g)
CPPFLAGS cpp flags (-I/path/include -Ddef)
LDFLAGS ld flags (-L/usr/local/lib)
LIBS libraries (-llib)
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