Commit c044d322 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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slap_loglevel_get() prototype

parent 02bb6704
......@@ -416,6 +416,7 @@ LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) overlay_op_walk LDAP_P((
* bconfig.c
LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) slap_loglevel_register LDAP_P (( slap_mask_t m, struct berval *s ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) slap_loglevel_get LDAP_P(( struct berval *s, int *l ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) str2loglevel LDAP_P(( const char *s, int *l ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) loglevel2bvarray LDAP_P(( int l, BerVarray *bva ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (const char *) loglevel2str LDAP_P(( int l ));
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