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H1: Backends
H2: Berkley DB Backends
H2: Berkeley DB Backends
H3: Overview
......@@ -70,11 +70,10 @@ H3: Overview
The LDIF backend to {{slapd}}(8) is a basic storage backend that stores
entries in text files in LDIF format, and exploits the filesystem to create
the tree structure of the database. It is intended as a cheap, low performance
easy to use backend, and it is exploited by higher-level internal structures
to provide a permanent storage.
easy to use backend.
When using Dynamic configuration over LDAP via {{cn=config}}, this is where all
configuration is stored if {{slapd}}(8) if started with {{-F}}. See {{slapd-config}}(5)
When using the {{cn=config}} dynamic configuration database with persistent
storage, the configuration data is stored using this backend. See {{slapd-config}}(5)
for more information
H3: back-ldif Configuration
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