Commit cd786446 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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Remove lint: Add prototypes for slapd_sd_lock() and slapd_sd_unlock()

parent f06e69dd
......@@ -735,8 +735,8 @@ LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) slapd_daemon(void);
LDAP_SLAPD_F (Listener **) slapd_get_listeners LDAP_P((void));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) slapd_remove LDAP_P((ber_socket_t s, Sockbuf *sb,
int wasactive, int wake, int locked ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) slapd_sd_lock();
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) slapd_sd_unlock();
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) slapd_sd_lock LDAP_P((void));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) slapd_sd_unlock LDAP_P((void));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (RETSIGTYPE) slap_sig_shutdown LDAP_P((int sig));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (RETSIGTYPE) slap_sig_wake LDAP_P((int sig));
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