Commit d2e40512 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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smbk5pwd kadm5 init check from HEAD

parent 685487e3
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.3.31 Engineering
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb/ldbm slap_add_opattrs error checking
Fixed slapd-perl interpreter context (ITS#4751)
Fixed slapd glue parent/sub db overlay nesting (ITS#4615)
Fixed contrib smbk5pwd, check kadm5 init result
Fixed typo in slapo-retcode(5) man page (ITS#4753)
Fixed syncrepl searchbase being listed as optional in slapd.conf(5) man page (ITS#4540)
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