Commit db510359 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth Committed by Howard Chu
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ITS#8312 Fix loose pages in commit(nested txn)

parent 27f71b4d
......@@ -3474,7 +3474,7 @@ mdb_txn_commit(MDB_txn *txn)
/* Append our loose page list to parent's */
for (lp = &parent->mt_loose_pgs; *lp; lp = &NEXT_LOOSE_PAGE(lp))
for (lp = &parent->mt_loose_pgs; *lp; lp = &NEXT_LOOSE_PAGE(*lp))
*lp = txn->mt_loose_pgs;
parent->mt_loose_count += txn->mt_loose_count;
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