Commit e95e1bcb authored by Pierangelo Masarati's avatar Pierangelo Masarati
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further fix to ITS#4853 (re23 only)

parent d4e690e0
......@@ -151,12 +151,12 @@ refint_config(
/* XXX only one basedn (yet) - need validate argument! */
if(id->dn.bv_val) ch_free(id->dn.bv_val);
ber_str2bv( argv[1], 0, 0, &dn );
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "%s: line %d: new baseDN <%s>\n",
fname, lineno, argv[1]);
if(dnNormalize(0, NULL, NULL, &dn, &id->dn, NULL)) {
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "%s: line %d: bad baseDN!\n", fname, lineno, 0);
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG, "%s: line %d: new baseDN <%s>\n",
fname, lineno, argv[1]);
} else if(!strcasecmp(*argv, "refint_nothing")) {
if(id->nothing.bv_val) ch_free(id->nothing.bv_val);
if(id->nnothing.bv_val) ch_free(id->nnothing.bv_val);
......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ refint_config(
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "%s: line %d: bad nothingDN!\n", fname, lineno, 0);
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "%s: line %d: new nothingDN<%s>\n",
Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG, "%s: line %d: new nothingDN<%s>\n",
fname, lineno, argv[1]);
} else {
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