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Note changes for LMDB 0.9.11

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LMDB 0.9 Change Log
LMDB 0.9.11 Release (2014/01/15)
Add mdb_env_set_assert() (ITS#7775)
Fix: invalidate txn on page allocation errors (ITS#7377)
Fix xcursor tracking in mdb_cursor_del0() (ITS#7771)
Fix corruption from deletes (ITS#7756)
Fix Windows/MSVC build issues
Raise safe limit of max MDB_MAXKEYSIZE
Misc code cleanup
Remove spurious note about non-overlapping flags (ITS#7665)
LMDB 0.9.10 Release (2013/11/12)
Fix mdb_page_split() again (ITS#7589)
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