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* - By default, in versions before 0.9.10, unused portions of the data
* file might receive garbage data from memory freed by other code.
* (This did not happen when using the #MDB_WRITEMAP flag.) As of
* (This does not happen when using the #MDB_WRITEMAP flag.) As of
* 0.9.10 the default behavior is to initialize such memory before
* writing to the data file. Since there may be a slight performance
* cost due to this initialization, applications may disable it using
* the #MDB_NOMEMINIT flag. Applications handling sensitive data
* which must not be written, and which don't use #MDB_WRITEMAP,
* should not use this flag.
* which must not be written should not use this flag. This flag is
* irrelevant when using #MDB_WRITEMAP.
* - A thread can only use one transaction at a time, plus any child
* transactions. Each transaction belongs to one thread. See below.
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