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modules README, minus usn since that isn't in 2.4.

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Copyright 2008 The OpenLDAP Foundation. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP
Public License.
This directory contains native-API slapd modules (overlays etc):
acl (plugins)
Plugins implementing access rules. Currently one plugin
which implements access control based on posixGroup membership.
addpartial (overlay)
Treat Add requests as Modify requests if the entry exists.
allop (overlay)
Return operational attributes for root DSE even when not
requested, since some clients expect this.
autogroup (overlay)
Automated updates of group memberships.
comp_match (plugin)
Component Matching rules (RFC 3687).
denyop (overlay)
Deny selected operations, returning unwillingToPerform.
dsaschema (plugin)
Permit loading DSA-specific schema, including operational attrs.
lastmod (overlay)
Track the time of the last write operation to a database.
nops (overlay)
Remove null operations, e.g. changing a value to same as before.
nssov (listener overlay)
Handle NSS lookup requests through a local Unix Domain socket.
passwd (plugins)
Support additional password mechanisms.
Currently Kerberos, Netscape MTA-MD5 and RADIUS.
proxyOld (plugin)
Proxy Authorization compatibility with obsolete internet-draft.
smbk5pwd (overlay)
Make the PasswordModify Extended Operation update Kerberos
keys and Samba password hashes as well as userPassword.
trace (overlay)
Trace overlay invocation.
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