Commit fd7bfbc0 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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ITS#8336 fix page_search_root assert on FreeDB

Let "illegal" branch pages thru on the FreeDB - the condition
is only temporary and will be fixed by the time rebalance finishes.
parent ac694740
......@@ -5279,7 +5279,11 @@ mdb_page_search_root(MDB_cursor *mc, MDB_val *key, int flags)
indx_t i;
DPRINTF(("branch page %"Z"u has %u keys", mp->mp_pgno, NUMKEYS(mp)));
mdb_cassert(mc, NUMKEYS(mp) > 1);
/* Don't assert on branch pages in the FreeDB. We can get here
* while in the process of rebalancing a FreeDB branch page; we must
* let that proceed. ITS#8336
mdb_cassert(mc, !mc->mc_dbi || NUMKEYS(mp) > 1);
DPRINTF(("found index 0 to page %"Z"u", NODEPGNO(NODEPTR(mp, 0))));
if (flags & (MDB_PS_FIRST|MDB_PS_LAST)) {
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