Commit 09e74f90 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth Committed by Howard Chu
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Comment ovpage code in mdb_cursor_put()

parent 27f6160d
......@@ -6635,8 +6635,13 @@ current:
/* Note - this page is already counted in parent's dirty_room */
rc2 = mdb_mid2l_insert(mc->mc_txn->mt_u.dirty_list, &id2);
mdb_cassert(mc, rc2 == 0);
/* Currently we make the page look as with put() in the
* parent txn, in case the user peeks at MDB_RESERVEd
* or unused parts. Some users treat ovpages specially.
if (!(flags & MDB_RESERVE)) {
/* Copy end of page, adjusting alignment so
/* Skip the part where LMDB will put *data.
* Copy end of page, adjusting alignment so
* compiler may copy words instead of bytes.
off = (PAGEHDRSZ + data->mv_size) & -sizeof(size_t);
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