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......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ these steps:
7. install the binaries and man pages. You may need to be superuser to
do this (depending on where you are installing things):
% su root -c make install
% su root -c 'make install'
That's it!
......@@ -107,10 +107,10 @@ these steps:
ldaptemplates.conf - display template definitions
Server configuration files:
ldapd.conf - LDAP - X.500 daemon
slapd.conf - Standalone LDAP daemon
slapd.conf - Standalone LDAP daemon configuration
schema/*.schema - Schema Definitions
There are section 5 man pages for all of these files.
There are section 5 man pages for these configuration files.
Building LDAP For More Than One Platform
......@@ -224,4 +224,5 @@ HINTS
End of OpenLDAP INSTALL file.
......@@ -12,3 +12,6 @@ OpenLDAP Devel README
Client developers seeking a stable development platform
should use OpenLDAP-release or OpenLDAP-software.
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