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Update CHANGES from stable.

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Changes since 3.3b1
Various Make-template files - update by doing 'make depend'
include/disptmpl.h - add LDAP_DISP_OPT_HTMLBODYONLY option
libraries/liblber/io.c - under MacOS, limit tcpwrite() calls to a
maximum of 64K bytes; ber_flush() int/long fix
libraries/libldap/friendly.c - don't use errno on MacOS or DOS
libraries/libldap/regex.c - fix re_exec() to that ".*" matches ""
libraries/libldap/result.c - eliminate memory leak in wait4msg()
libraries/libldap/request.c - eliminate double-free impurity
libraries/libldap/tmplout.c - add LDAP_DISP_OPT_HTMLBODYONLY option
libraries/libldap/ufn.c - purify: avoid bad frees; plug memory leaks
libraries/libldif/line64.c - str_parse_line() now 0-terminates base64 vals.
libraries/macintosh/* - tcpwrite()/OpenTransport bug fixes
- better error checking for MacTCP driver opens
- don't use old routine names any more
libraries/msdos/winsock/* - various bugs fixes & improvements
servers/slapd/modify.c - fix bug causing unnormalized attr names
servers/slapd/monitor.c - return new "version" attribute
servers/slapd/regex.c - fix re_exec() to that ".*" matches ""
servers/slapd/tools/ldbmcat.c - make -n option work (don't open file "-n" )
servers/slapd/tools/ldif2id2entry.c - include ids in stored entries
servers/slapd/schema.c - log some information useful in tracking
down schema-check problems
servers/slapd/dn.c - dn_upcase() was not returning anything (doh!)
servers/slapd/backend.c - pass unbind request to all backends
servers/slapd/unbind.c - pass unbind request to all backends
servers/slapd/Version.c - remove leading spaces from Versionstr[]
servers/slapd/back-ldbm/unbind.c - make arguments consistent
servers/slapd/back-ldbm/bind.c - fix bug which allowed anyone to bind as
anyone else using kerberos, if there was
at least one krbName in an entry
servers/slurpd/replog.c - do all replog copying with buffered i/o
servers/slurpd/fm.c - fix inconsistency in arguments
servers/slurpd/main.c - fix inconsistency in arguments
clients/tools/ldapdelete.c - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
clients/tools/ldapmodify.c - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
clients/tools/ldapmodrdn.c - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
doc/man/man1/ldapdelete.1 - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
doc/man/man1/ldapmodify.1 - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
doc/man/man1/ldapmodrdn.1 - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
doc/man/man1/ldapsearch.1 - add -K flag - only does LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41
doc/man/man3/ldap_entry2text.3 - document LDAP_DISP_OPT_HTMLBODYONLY option
doc/man/man8/slapd.8 - add BUGS section and document modrdn bug
Changes since 3.2
Makefile - added support for IRIX (SGI)
- make depend improvements
tests/ - all new test scripts -- make test
include/lber.h - use short include file names #ifdef WINSOCK
include/ldap.h - change LDAPCache struct definition to reduce
cache overhead
- use short include file names #ifdef WINSOCK
- LDAP URL support
- add lr_conn to LDAPRequest (needed by abandon)
- add LDAP_OPT_RESTART for select() restart
- revised Debug() macro #ifdef WINSOCK
include/ldbm.h - under NDBM, use O_RDWR instead of O_CREAT
include/proto-lber.h - changes for WIN32
include/proto-ldap.h - changes for WIN32
- added LDAP URL routines
include/disptmpl.h - changes for WIN32
include/ldif.h - includes for new libldif library
include/srchpref.h - changes for WIN32
libraries/liblber/decode.c - vararg changes for WIN32
libraries/liblber/encode.c - vararg changes for WIN32
libraries/libldap/abandon.c - make ldap_abandon() work with referrals
libraries/libldap/bind.c - added new ldap_set_rebind_proc() routine
libraries/libldap/cache.c - reduce cache overhead
- fix small cache size infinite loop bug
- clarify debugging messages
libraries/libldap/charset.c - new routines: ldap_translate_from_t61,
libraries/libldap/cldap.c - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
libraries/libldap/getfilter.c - ldap_build_filter: don't use NULL value
libraries/libldap/kbind.c - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
libraries/libldap/ldap-int.h - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
- rename do_select() to do_ldap_select()
libraries/libldap/open.c - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
- ld_options = LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS by default
libraries/libldap/os-ip.c - include <sys/time.h> to fix HP/UX gcc builds
- rename do_select() to do_ldap_select()
libraries/libldap/result.c - wait4msg debugging now shows timeout values
- changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
- rename do_select() to do_ldap_select()
- buf fix in ldap_msgdelete() -- update prev
- support LDAP_OPT_RESTART option
libraries/libldap/request.c - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
- initialize new lr_conn field (for abandon)
libraries/libldap/test.c - changes to support referral re-bind w/auth
libraries/libldap/tmplout.c - searchact uses "-dnt" and "-dnb", not "-dn"
libraries/libldap/url.c - new routines: ldap_is_ldap_url,
ldap_parse_url, ldap_url_search
ldap_url_search_s, ldap_url_search_st
libraries/libldif/ - new library that contains line64 routines
clients/tools/ldapmodify.c - preferred input format is now slapd.replog
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - added -L option (output in LDIF format)
- don't print initial blank line when -f used
- support "-f -" for reading filters from stdin
clients/ud/*.c - various bug fixes & auth. streamlining
doc/man/man3/ldap.3 - add several new routines
doc/man/man3/ldap_bind.3/.links - add new ldap_set_rebind_proc() routine
doc/man/man3/ldap_charset.3/.links - add new routines
doc/man/man3/ldap_disptmpl.3 - added missing *'s in ldap_init... arg. lists
doc/man/man3/ldap_result.3 - add details r.e. timeout parameter
doc/man/man3/ldap_open.3 - document LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS default to on
doc/man/man3/ldap_url.3/.links - document new LDAP URL routines
Make-common.dist and .um - add LDBMINCLUDE variable
- use ISODEPACKAGE and ICRELEASE in place of
ICR1 and XTISODE defines
- remove LDAP_DNS stuff
build/Make-append - add LDBMINCLUDE variable
- use ISODEPACKAGE and ICRELEASE in place of
ICR1 and XTISODE defines
build/mkdep - use compiler passed in, not always cc
- remove system dependencies when gcc is used
build/platforms/attsvr4-cc/ - AT&T SVR4 support
build/platforms/irix-cc/ - SGI IRIX support
build/platforms/irix-gcc/ - SGI IRIX support
servers/ldapd/common.h - add missing extern function declarations
servers/ldapd/association.c - use ISODEPACKAGE test instead of ICR1, etc.
servers/ldapd/certificate.c - add missing extern declaration
servers/ldapd/error.c - use ISODEPACKAGE test instead of ICR1, etc.
servers/ldapd/kerberos.c - use ISODEPACKAGE test instead of ICR1, etc.
servers/ldapd/request.c - use ISODEPACKAGE test instead of ICR1, etc.
servers/ldapd/main.c - set proctitle to calling host (bug fix)
- CLDAP: don't timeout/exit prematurely
servers/ldapd/proctitle.c - don't compile file if NO_SETPROCTITLE is on
servers/ldapd/Make-template - don't try to make depend if don't have isode
servers/ldap - bug fixes, support ICR3
servers/slapd/tools/ldif.c - use correct pointer when calling realloc
servers/slapd/tools/edb2ldif.c - properly #ifdef code to handle potential
lack of file_attr_dir and turbo disk stuff
- add RDN attribute values to entries
- don't pre-pend './' to EDB files on cmd. line
servers/slapd/tools/ldapsyntax.c- use static buffer to speed things up
servers/slapd/tools/Make-template - don't try to make depend some tools
- if we don't have isode
servers/slapd - fix acl handling
servers/slapd - fix race condition setting o_dn
servers/slapd - bug fixes
servers/slurpd - complete re-write
tests/ - new - test scripts to verify basic
functionality of libraries, slapd, slurpd
Changes since 3.2b3
slapd admin guide - document ldbmtest changes
- clarify quick-start instructions
include/ldapconfig.h.dist - move likely-to-change things to top
Make-common.dist - add phonetic algorithm config lines
build/Make-append - add def for phonetic algorithm config lines
libraries/libldbm/ldbm.c - fix bug with gdbm cache size handling
libraries/liblber/encode.c - cap lengths at 32-bits for Alpha compatibility
libraries/libldap/disptmpl.c - recognize both "addact" and "adddnact"
libraries/libldap/getdn.c - handle \ escapes in DNs better
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - added -S option to sort results
- print results as they are received (if no -S)
servers/slapd/* - added function prototypes
servers/slapd/phonetic.c - make phonetic alg settable in Make-common
servers/slapd/tools/ldbmtest.c - fix bugs, use dbcache routines (like slapd)
- add 'b' and 'B' commands
servers/slapd/tools/edb2ldif.c - include quipu/config.h & quipu/entry.h
- this fixes TURBO_DISK problems
servers/ldapd/* - misc. fixes for VMS and OSF/1
- added function prototypes
Changes since 3.2b2
servers/slapd/* - lots of changes/fixes/improvements
servers/slapd/tools/* - add ldif program
- add centipede program
- numerous fixes/improvements
clients/tools/ldapmodify.c - add -b option (read binary vals from a file)
- add trailing \ feature for iattr, etc.
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - add -z sizelimit and -l timelimit options
- add -B (allow non-ascii values_ option
- change /tmp template used with -t
include/lber.h - add LBER_MAX_INCOMING_SIZE option
libraries/liblber/io.c - support LBER_MAX_INCOMING_SIZE option
- new ber_init() and ber_reset() routines
libraries/libldap/* - various improvements to LDAP_REFERRALS code
- minor changes for Mac re-port
libraries/libldap/disptmpl.c - "addact" is now "adddnact"
libraries/libldap/cache.c - we now cache compare results that have error
libraries/libldap/open.c - support :port on ldap_open() hosts
libraries/libldap/charset.c - new T.61 to ISO-8859 conversion support
- thanks to
libraries/libldap/kbind.c - a few changes for MS Windows
libraries/msdos/winsock/* - a few changes for Kerberos support
servers/ldapd/modify.c - added support for JPEG non-file attrs.
- added support for octetstring attrs.
servers/ldapd/syntax.c - DN syntax fixes (OID. and replace {ASN} w/#)
- don't escape '$' in DeliveryMethod attrs.
- added support for JPEG non-file attrs.
- added support for octetstring attrs.
Changes since 3.2b1
servers/slapd/ - add better database concurrency
- remove multiple dn support
- add stats logging
- fix syslogging
- add include config file option
- add dbcachesize option
- add abandon
- add lastmod/creator attrs
- add monitoring capability
- normalize dns properly
- base 64 value encoding support
- add schema checking
- fix various bugs
- add srvtab config option
servers/slapd/tools - whole new set of db creation/conversion tools
clients/finger/main.c - added -c option & use of FINGER_RDNCOUNT
clients/gopher/go500.c - added -c option & use of GO500_RDNCOUNT
clients/gopher/go500gw.c - added -c option & use of GO500GW_RDNCOUNT
- removed non-functional -s option
clients/rcpt500/main.c - added -c option & use of RCPT500_RDNCOUNT
clients/rcpt500/query.c - use rdncount instead of hard-coded 2
include/ldapconfig.h.edit - added _RDNCOUNT #defines
libraries/libldap/tmplout.c - made rdncount of 0 show all DN components
libraries/libldap/getdn.c - added ldap_is_dns_dn() routine
libraries/libldap/* - many #ifndef NO_REFERRALS changes
- new ldap_init() routine
Changes since 3.1 final
General/various files - incorporated changes for Borland C 3.1
Makefile - added support for NeXTSTEP
libraries/liblber/io.c - add ability to save ldap session to a file
include/lber.h - add ability to save ldap session to a file
- added -all_load option for ld
- define SYSEXITSPATH as for sunos5-gcc
build/ - new replacement uname for NeXTSTEP, etc.
clients/finger/main.c - don't use fprintf for entry2text
clients/gopher/go500.c - use GO500_HOSTNAME (bug fix)
- don't use fprintf for entry2text
clients/gopher/go500gw.c - use GO500GW_HOSTNAME (bug fix)
- don't use fprintf for entry2text
clients/mail500/main.c - improved error logging
- fixed "errors-to is a group" bug
- don't look in people space for groups
- don't bounce loop messages back to sender
- misc. fixes
clients/tools/ldapdelete.c - add -c option to continue after errors occur
clients/tools/ldapmodify.c - add -c option to continue after errors occur
clients/tools/ldapmodrdn.c - add -c option to continue after errors occur
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - added -t option to write values to tmp files
- added -A option for "attributes only"
clients/ud/print.c - make sure ldap_count_values() returns > 0
- before trying to use returned values
doc/man/man1/ldapdelete.1 - updated to mention new -c option
doc/man/man1/ldapmodify.1 - updated to mention new -c option
doc/man/man1/ldapmodrdn.1 - updated to mention new -c option
doc/man/man1/ldapsearch.1 - updated to mention new -A & -t options
doc/man/man3/ldap_friendly.3 - fixed typo in ldap_free_friendlymap()
doc/man/man5/ldapfilter.conf.5 - add missing part of example config file
include/disptmpl.h - appended 'L' to long #defined contants
- added entry2html family of routines
include/lber.h - added sb_options to allow copy to file
- added ber_wptr to re-start partial writes
include/ldap.h - added debug levels for sldapd
- added LDAP_SYSLOG to send debug using syslog
include/ldapconfig.h.edit - added GO500GW_HOSTNAME
include/ldapconfig.h.dist - added GO500GW_HOSTNAME
include/portable.h - select() macro fix for HP/UX /bin/cc
include/proto-lber.h - Borland C fixes
- added ber_bvdup() prototype
include/sysexits-compat.h - new file, in case we ever need it
libraries/libavl/* - new library; used in sldapd
libraries/liblber/decode.c - new 'o' feature for ber_scanf()
- new ber_bvdup() routine
- Borland C fixes
libraries/liblber/encode.c - Borland C fixes
libraries/liblber/io.c - ensure that write size <= 64K under VMS
- use ber_wptr to restart partial writes
- added LBER_TO_FILE/FILE_ONLY option support
libraries/libldap/abandon.c - use correct message id in abandon requests
libraries/libldap/cache.c - use time() in a more portable manner
libraries/libldap/cldap.c - retry correct number of times (off by one)
libraries/libldap/error.c - define empty ldap_perror if NO_USERINTERFACE
libraries/libldap/getdn.c - ldap_dn2ufn() now returns dn if no '='
- ldap_explode_dn handles DNs without '='
libraries/libldap/open.c - "host" can now be a space-separated list
libraries/libldap/sort.c - make function declarations more portable
libraries/libldap/srchpref.c - fixed memory leak in options parsing
libraries/libldap/test.c - added -t & -T options for ber output to file
- added 'E' command to explode a DN
libraries/libldap/tmplout.c - added entry2html()
- added entry2html_search()
- added entry2vals()
- remove extraneous ber_free when not using tmpl
- fix non-ASCII core dump bugs
libraries/libldap/ldapfriendly - added EE & RU
- remove '\' inside [] in reg exprs.
- add web500gw to filter tags
- added xax500-auth section
- changed xax500 tags
- added co to Country template
- add missing types & options to comments
- add "Last Modified" attrs. to all templates
- make "Last Modified" attrs. read-only
libraries/libldbm/* - new library; used in sldapd
libraries/liblthread/* - new library; used in sldapd
libraries/msdos/README.WSA - updated to include Borland C instructions
libraries/vms/README.VMS - fixed pathname typo
servers/ldapd/add.c - make BER tags unsigned long everywhere
servers/ldapd/certificate.c - make parsing consistent with printing code
servers/ldapd/main.c - moved openlog() after detach() call
servers/ldapd/modify.c - correct tag usage in ber_first/next loop
- output all debugging to stderr
- pass and use Sockbuf * in modify_result() call
servers/ldapd/result.c - change to always use DER encoding
servers/ldapd/search.c - change to always use DER encoding
servers/ldapd/syntax.c - add support for telexNumber
servers/sldapd - all new "standalone LDAP server"
Changes since 3.1b8
Make-common - added note r.e. -DNO_USERINTERFACE
servers/ldapd/association.c - don't include filio.h under AIX
build/platforms/aix-cc and -gcc - add _BSD to defines
include/portable.h - define OPENLOG_OPTIONS
clients/*/*.c - use OPENLOG_OPTIONS
servers/ldapd/main.c - use OPENLOG_OPTIONS
servers/ldapd/syntax.c - add iattr support (from craig watkins)
Changes since 3.1b7
Many System V portability fixes....
A few fixes for VMS....
Makefile - support Linux & NetBSD
Make-common - add support for NEXOR version of isode
include/Make-template - make ldapconfig.h depend on Makefile
include/ldapconfig.h.edit - add RCPT500_LISTLIMIT, RCPT500_UFN
- add GO500_TIMEOUT, GO500_UFN
- add GO500GW_UFN
include/regex.h - use NEED_BSDREGEX
include/portable.h - SYSV changes & general re-vamping
include/disptmpl.h - fix typo in ldap_name2template() prototype
libraries/liblber/io.c - make ber_alloc actually use BER
libraries/libldap/cldap.c - preserve old log DN if NULL is passed
libraries/libldap/regex.c - use NEED_BSDREGEX
libraries/libldap/disptmpl.c - add support for LDAP_SYN_RFC822ADDR
libraries/libldap/tmplout.c - add support for LDAP_SYN_RFC822ADDR
libraries/libldap/getfilter.c - always #include "regex.h"
servers/ldapd/main.c - don't check openlog return code
servers/ldapd/request.c - only do syslog if dosyslog is set
servers/ldapd/syntax.c - add support for user certificates (from ER)
servers/ldapd/certificate.c - add support for user certificates (new file)
clients/finger/main.c - add -t disptmplfile option
- add -p port option
- add ufn support
clients/gopher/go500.c - add -t disptmplfile option
- add ufn support
clients/gopher/go500gw.c - add -t disptmplfile option
- add ufn support
clients/mail500/main.c - add -t disptmplfile option
- add support for mail to -owner
clients/rcpt500/main.c,query.c - add support for RCPT500_LISTLIMIT
- support -p ldapport option
- add ufn support
clients/tools/ldapsearch.c - recognize -w option properly
clients/tools/ldapdelete.c - recognize -k option properly
clients/tools/ldapmodrdn.c - new program
clients/ud/edit.c - use execlp() instead of execle()
clients/ud/main.c - include sys/ioctl.h under NetBSD
clients/ud/print.c - updated time2text() from libldap/tmplout.c
contrib/saucer - new contributed client from Eric Rosenquist
build/platforms - added netbsd-cc & netbsd-gcc
- updated sunos5-cc and sunos5-gcc
- added missing CC=gcc in hpux-gcc
- added vms
build/Make-append - change ISODELIBS
doc/man/man8/rcpt500.8 - new manual page
doc/man/man3/ldap.3 - add (3) to routine names in INDEX section
doc/man/man3/ldap_search.3 - remove reference to ldap_parse(3)
doc/man/man3/ldap_modrdn.3 - new manual page
doc/man/man3/ldap_modrdn.3.links- new links file
doc/man/man3/ldap_disptmpl.3 - re-word ldap_octemplate description
- document LDAP_SYN_RFC822ADDR
doc/man/man5/ldap_searchprefs.5 - fix formatting
doc/man/man5/ldaptemplatesconf.5- document "mail" syntax type
doc/man/* - use ETCDIR everywhere (was %ETCDIR%)
ldap-3.1b7 CHANGES file - summary of major changes to each component
since the last release
source tree - completely reorganized for your convenience
- makes full use of ansi-style prototypes
- supports non-ansi compilers through unproto utility
configuration - all client configuration has been moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
(no need to edit multiple source code files)
build procedure - completely revamped for your convenience
- automaticly figures out your platform/compiler
- supports multiple objects from a single source tree
liblbdap - added support for display templates
- added support for search preferences
- added ldap_sort routines for sorting entries
- rearranged some routines/source files to allow
better incremental linking to reduce code bloat
- added support for CLDAP
liblber - added O option to ber_scanf: allocate octet string w/length
- big tags (greater than 31) now supported
- distinguished encoding rules supported (runtime choice
between ber and der)
in.xfingerd - now uses display template routines
- now uses ldap sorting routines
- editable configuration info moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
go500 - now uses display template routines
- now uses ldap sorting routines
- editable configuration info moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
go500gw - now uses display template routines
- now uses ldap sorting routines
- editable configuration info moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
rcpt500 - now uses display template routines
- now uses ldap sorting routines
- editable configuration info moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
mail500 - addition of a new "vacation" feature
- editable configuration info moved to ldapconfig.h.edit
ldap tools - new addition of some shell-based tools
whois++ g/w - moved to contrib/ directory
web500 - new addition, in contrib/ directory
ldapd - lots of bug fixes
- bring CLDAP code in line with latest Internet Draft
documentation - library man pages have been completely re-done, split
into separate manuals, with new pages for each set of
- new man pages for most client programs (more on the way)
windows ldap - support for Win32 (unfinished?)
- added VERSIONINFO resource to dll
- check for > 64K response packet and don't crash
macintosh ldap - support Apple's new Universal Header files
OpenLDAP Change Log
Changes included in OpenLDAP Stable
Fixed slapd filter.c to error on stderr
Fixed slapd/back-ldbm/group.c member bug
Changes included in OpenLDAP Stable
Added make/gmake comments
Changed ACL Group code to use groupOfNames
Changed "X.500" -> "LDAP" in UD
Fixed slapd partial results bug
Fixed slapd Y2K/GMT bug
-DLDAP_LOCALTIME added to provide old behavior
Fixed slapd flush writes bug
Removed lint
Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.0.2
Updated README, INSTALL files
Updated Linux platform defaults
Updated FreeBSD 2 & 3 platform defaults
Updated PORTS doc to clarify content
Updated slapd/tools to use ldapconfig.h slapd.conf constant
Added core removal to tests/Make-template
Fixed slapd/acl debug trace problem
Fixed ud/auth.c bound_dn problem
Fixed back-ldbm/idl.c CLDAP include <sys/socket.h> problem
Fixed Makefile $(CC) problem
Fixed LIBEXEC/SBIN creation problem
Fixed gmake RUNDIR not defaulting problem
Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.0.1
Added GNU Make Support
Added OpenBSD Support
Added FreeBSD 2.x vs 3.x detection
Fixed slapd LDAP_TCP_WRAPPER build problem
Fixed slapd NO_THREADS busy loop problem
Fixed slurpd NULL termination problem
Fixed misc build/install problems
Removed junked binary files from repository/distribution
Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.0
Added TCP Wrapper support to slapd
Added POSIX Threads (final) support
Added ACL enhancements including
Access by Groups
POSIX regex support
platform updates, and
numerous bug fixes and build changes.
Base Version: University of Michigan LDAP v3.3
CVS Tag: UMICH_3_3
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