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slapdconf2.sdf:olcSyncrepl align documentation for exattrs

…to the documentation of slapdconf2.sdf:syncrepl .
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......@@ -544,6 +544,7 @@ H4: olcSyncrepl
> [filter=<filter str>]
> [scope=sub|one|base]
> [attrs=<attr list>]
> [exattrs=<attr list>]
> [attrsonly]
> [sizelimit=<limit>]
> [timelimit=<limit>]
......@@ -598,7 +599,7 @@ The content of the syncrepl consumer is defined using a search
specification as its result set. The consumer slapd will
send search requests to the provider slapd according to the search
specification. The search specification includes {{EX:searchbase}},
{{EX:scope}}, {{EX:filter}}, {{EX:attrs}}, {{EX:attrsonly}},
{{EX:scope}}, {{EX:filter}}, {{EX:attrs}}, {{EX:exattrs}}, {{EX:attrsonly}},
{{EX:sizelimit}}, and {{EX:timelimit}} parameters as in the normal
search specification. The {{EX:searchbase}} parameter has no
default value and must always be specified. The {{EX:scope}} defaults
......@@ -606,7 +607,8 @@ to {{EX:sub}}, the {{EX:filter}} defaults to {{EX:(objectclass=*)}},
{{EX:attrs}} defaults to {{EX:"*,+"}} to replicate all user and operational
attributes, and {{EX:attrsonly}} is unset by default. Both {{EX:sizelimit}}
and {{EX:timelimit}} default to "unlimited", and only positive integers
or "unlimited" may be specified.
or "unlimited" may be specified. The {{EX:exattrs}} option may also be used
to specify attributes that should be omitted from incoming entries.
The {{TERM[expand]LDAP Sync}} protocol has two operation
types: {{EX:refreshOnly}} and {{EX:refreshAndPersist}}.
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