Commit 147582b5 authored by Kris Zyp's avatar Kris Zyp Committed by Howard Chu
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ITS#9017 LMDB: allow using fixed file size on Windows

parent da0527ac
......@@ -4469,7 +4469,14 @@ mdb_env_map(MDB_env *env, void *addr)
alloctype = MEM_RESERVE;
fsize.LowPart = msize & 0xffffffff;
fsize.HighPart = msize >> 16 >> 16;
rc = NtCreateSection(&mh, access, NULL, &fsize, secprot, SEC_RESERVE, env->me_fd);
rc = NtCreateSection(&mh, access, NULL, NULL, secprot, SEC_RESERVE, env->me_fd);
if (rc)
return mdb_nt2win32(rc);
map = addr;
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