Commit 2825ad64 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth Committed by Hallvard Furuseth
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MDB_MAXKEYSIZE = 0 (dynamic value) when MDB_DEVEL

parent b3dedde6
......@@ -427,13 +427,14 @@ static txnid_t mdb_debug_start;
* Define this as 0 to compute the max from the page size. 511
* is default for backwards compat: liblmdb <= 0.9.10 can break
* when modifying a DB with keys/dupsort data bigger than its max.
* #MDB_DEVEL sets the default to 0.
* Data items in an #MDB_DUPSORT database are also limited to
* this size, since they're actually keys of a sub-DB. Keys and
* #MDB_DUPSORT data items must fit on a node in a regular page.
#define MDB_MAXKEYSIZE 511
#define MDB_MAXKEYSIZE ((MDB_DEVEL) ? 0 : 511)
/** The maximum size of a key we can write to the environment. */
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