Commit 443a7e40 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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Fix robust mutexes - repair mti_txnid.

Broken by e3b6c359, if
commit() crashes in write_meta before setting mti_txnid.
parent 42110d83
......@@ -9492,7 +9492,7 @@ static int mdb_reader_check0(MDB_env *env, int rlocked, int *dead)
static int mdb_mutex_failed(MDB_env *env, mdb_mutex_t *mutex, int rc)
int rlocked, rc2;
int toggle, rlocked, rc2;
#ifndef _WIN32
......@@ -9502,6 +9502,11 @@ static int mdb_mutex_failed(MDB_env *env, mdb_mutex_t *mutex, int rc)
rlocked = (mutex == MDB_MUTEX(env, r));
if (!rlocked) {
/* Keep mti_txnid updated, otherwise next writer can
* overwrite data which latest meta page refers to.
toggle = mdb_env_pick_meta(env);
env->me_txns->mti_txnid = env->me_metas[toggle]->mm_txnid;
/* env is hosed if the dead thread was ours */
if (env->me_txn) {
env->me_flags |= MDB_FATAL_ERROR;
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