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......@@ -439,9 +439,12 @@ typedef struct MDB_reader {
* For POSIX the actual mutexes reside in the shared memory of this
* mapped file. On Windows, mutexes are named objects allocated by the
* kernel; we store the mutex names in this mapped file so that other
* processes can grab them. This same approach will also be used on
* processes can grab them. This same approach is also used on
* MacOSX/Darwin (using named semaphores) since MacOSX doesn't support
* process-shared POSIX mutexes.
* process-shared POSIX mutexes. For these cases where a named object
* is used, the object name is derived from a 64 bit FNV hash of the
* environment pathname. As such, naming collisions are extremely
* unlikely. If a collision occurs, the results are unpredictable.
typedef struct MDB_txbody {
/** Stamp identifying this as an MDB lock file. It must be set
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