Commit 5adc46d1 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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sprintf format: pid_t need not be an int.

parent 661dd2c6
......@@ -8303,13 +8303,10 @@ int mdb_reader_list(MDB_env *env, MDB_msg_func *func, void *ctx)
mr = env->me_txns->mti_readers;
for (i=0; i<rdrs; i++) {
if (mr[i].mr_pid) {
size_t tid;
tid = mr[i].mr_tid;
if (mr[i].mr_txnid == (txnid_t)-1) {
sprintf(buf, "%10d %"Z"x -\n", mr[i].mr_pid, tid);
} else {
sprintf(buf, "%10d %"Z"x %"Z"u\n", mr[i].mr_pid, tid, mr[i].mr_txnid);
txnid_t txnid = mr[i].mr_txnid;
sprintf(buf, txnid == (txnid_t)-1 ?
"%10d %"Z"x -\n" : "%10d %"Z"x %"Z"u\n",
(int)mr[i].mr_pid, (size_t)mr[i].mr_tid, txnid);
if (first) {
first = 0;
rc = func(" pid thread txnid\n", ctx);
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