Commit a2ed0364 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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Replace MDB_node.mn_offset[], to ease debugging.

parent 2ce9ffa0
......@@ -701,9 +701,11 @@ typedef struct MDB_node {
* They are in host byte order in case that lets some
* accesses be optimized into a 32-bit word access.
#define mn_lo mn_offset[BYTE_ORDER!=LITTLE_ENDIAN]
#define mn_hi mn_offset[BYTE_ORDER==LITTLE_ENDIAN] /**< part of dsize or pgno */
unsigned short mn_offset[2]; /**< storage for #mn_lo and #mn_hi */
unsigned short mn_lo, mn_hi; /**< part of data size or pgno */
unsigned short mn_hi, mn_lo;
/** @defgroup mdb_node Node Flags
* @ingroup internal
* Flags for node headers.
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