Commit c3e6b420 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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Revert "ITS#9116 LMDB: fix bogus error check in read-only txns"

This reverts commit 0e895ffe.
Was not an LMDB bug.
parent a2121bb0
......@@ -6448,7 +6448,7 @@ mdb_page_search(MDB_cursor *mc, MDB_val *key, int flags)
/* Make sure we're using an up-to-date root */
if (*mc->mc_dbflag & DB_STALE) {
MDB_cursor mc2;
if (!F_ISSET(mc->mc_txn->mt_flags, MDB_TXN_RDONLY) && TXN_DBI_CHANGED(mc->mc_txn, mc->mc_dbi))
if (TXN_DBI_CHANGED(mc->mc_txn, mc->mc_dbi))
return MDB_BAD_DBI;
mdb_cursor_init(&mc2, mc->mc_txn, MAIN_DBI, NULL);
rc = mdb_page_search(&mc2, &mc->mc_dbx->md_name, 0);
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