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#ifndef _MDB_H_
#define _MDB_H_
#include <sys/types.h>
struct MDB_cursor;
struct MDB_txn;
struct MDB_db;
struct MDB_env;
typedef struct MDB_cursor MDB_cursor;
typedef struct MDB_txn MDB_txn;
typedef struct MDB_db MDB_db;
typedef struct MDB_env MDB_env;
typedef struct MDB_val {
void *mv_data;
size_t mv_size;
} MDB_val;
typedef int (MDB_cmp_func)(const MDB_val *a, const MDB_val *b);
typedef void (MDB_rel_func)(void *ptr, void *oldptr);
typedef enum MDB_cursor_op { /* cursor operations */
MDB_CURSOR, /* position at given key */
MDB_CURSOR_EXACT, /* position at key, or fail */
MDB_LAST, /* not implemented */
MDB_PREV /* not implemented */
} MDB_cursor_op;
/* return codes */
#define MDB_FAIL -1
#define MDB_SUCCESS 0
/* DB flags */
#define MDB_REVERSEKEY 0x02 /* use reverse string keys */
#define MDB_NOSYNC 0x10000 /* don't fsync after commit */
#define MDB_RDONLY 0x20000 /* read only */
/* environment flags */
#define MDB_FIXEDMAP 0x01 /* mmap at a fixed address */
typedef struct MDB_stat {
time_t ms_created_at;
unsigned int ms_psize;
unsigned int ms_depth;
unsigned long ms_branch_pages;
unsigned long ms_leaf_pages;
unsigned long ms_overflow_pages;
unsigned long ms_revisions;
unsigned long ms_entries;
} MDB_stat;
int mdbenv_create(MDB_env **env, size_t size);
int mdbenv_open(MDB_env *env, const char *path, unsigned int flags, mode_t mode);
int mdbenv_stat(MDB_env *env, MDB_stat **stat);
void mdbenv_close(MDB_env *env);
int mdbenv_get_flags(MDB_env *env, unsigned int *flags);
int mdbenv_get_path(MDB_env *env, const char **path);
int mdbenv_sync(MDB_env *env);
int mdbenv_compact(MDB_env *env);
int mdb_txn_begin(MDB_env *env, int rdonly, MDB_txn **txn);
int mdb_txn_commit(MDB_txn *txn);
void mdb_txn_abort(MDB_txn *txn);
int mdb_open(MDB_env *env, MDB_txn *txn, const char *name, unsigned int flags, MDB_db **db);
int mdb_stat(MDB_db *db, MDB_stat **stat);
void mdb_close(MDB_db *db);
int mdb_get(MDB_db *db, MDB_txn *txn, MDB_val *key, MDB_val *data);
int mdb_put(MDB_db *db, MDB_txn *txn, MDB_val *key, MDB_val *data,
unsigned int flags);
int mdb_del(MDB_db *db, MDB_txn *txn, MDB_val *key, MDB_val *data);
int mdb_cursor_open(MDB_db *db, MDB_txn *txn, MDB_cursor **cursor);
void mdb_cursor_close(MDB_cursor *cursor);
int mdb_cursor_get(MDB_cursor *cursor, MDB_val *key, MDB_val *data,
MDB_cursor_op op);
int mdb_cmp(MDB_db *db, const MDB_val *a, const MDB_val *b);
#endif /* _MDB_H_ */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "mdb.h"
int main(int argc,char * argv[])
int i = 0, rc;
MDB_env *env;
MDB_db *db;
MDB_val key, data;
MDB_txn *txn;
MDB_stat *mst;
int count;
int *values;
char sval[32];
count = random()%512;
values = (int *)malloc(count*sizeof(int));
for(i = 0;i<count;i++) {
values[i] = random()%1024;
rc = mdbenv_create(&env, 10485760);
rc = mdbenv_open(env, "./testdb", MDB_FIXEDMAP, 0664);
rc = mdb_txn_begin(env, 0, &txn);
rc = mdb_open(env, txn, NULL, 0, &db);
key.mv_size = sizeof(int);
key.mv_data = sval;
data.mv_size = sizeof(sval);
data.mv_data = sval;
for (i=0;i<count;i++) {
sprintf(sval, "%03x %d foo bar", values[i], values[i]);
mdb_put(db, txn, &key, &data, 0);
rc = mdb_txn_commit(txn);
rc = mdbenv_stat(env, &mst);
for (i= count - 1; i > -1; i-= (random()%5)) {
rc = mdb_txn_begin(env, 0, &txn);
sprintf(sval, "%03x ", values[i]);
rc = mdb_del(db, txn, &key, NULL);
rc = mdb_txn_commit(txn);
rc = mdbenv_stat(env, &mst);
return 0;
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