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All official backends now support cn=config

back-sql was updated in 2.4.27, back-meta in 2.4.33
parent 46dc6c42
......@@ -39,9 +39,8 @@ operations, e.g. {{ldapadd}}(1), {{ldapdelete}}(1), or {{ldapmodify}}(1).
Note: You will need to continue to use the older {{slapd.conf}}(5)
configuration system if your OpenLDAP installation requires the use of one
or more backends or overlays that have not been updated to use the
{{slapd-config}}(5) system. As of OpenLDAP 2.4.25, the only official backends
that have not yet been updated to use {{slapd-config}}(5) are {{slapd-meta}}(5)
and {{slapd-sql}}(5). There may be additional contributed or experimental
{{slapd-config}}(5) system. As of OpenLDAP 2.4.33, all of the official
backends have been updated. There may be additional contributed or experimental
overlays that also have not been updated.
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