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H2: When should I use LDAP?
This is a very good question. In general, you should use a Directory
server when you require data to be centrally managed, stored and accessible via
standards based methods.
Some common examples found throughout the industry are, but not limited to:
* Machine Authentication
* User Authentication
* User/System Groups
* Address book
* Organization Representation
* Asset Tracking
* Telephony Information Store
* User resource management
* E-mail address lookups
* Application Configuration store
* PBX Configuration store
* etc.....
There are always new ways to use a Directory and apply LDAP principles to address
certain problems, therefore there is no simple answer to this question.
If in doubt, join the general LDAP forum for non-commercial discussions and
information relating to LDAP at:
{{URL:}} and ask
H2: When should I not use LDAP?
When you start finding yourself bending the directory to do what you require,
maybe a redesign is needed. Or if you only require one application to use and
manipulate your data (for discussion of LDAP vs RDBMS, please read the
{{SECT:LDAP vs RDBMS}} section).
It will become obvious when LDAP is the right tool for the job.
H2: How does LDAP work?
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ providing as much information as possible.
Note: Our Issue Tracking system is {{B:NOT}} for OpenLDAP {{B:Support}}, please join our
mailing Lists: {{URL:}} for that
We will now attempt to discuss common user errors
We will now attempt to discuss common user errors.
H2: Checklist
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