Commit 09ae5524 authored by Quanah Gibson-Mount's avatar Quanah Gibson-Mount
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Fix "make its"/"make regressions" to actually run the regression suite for bdb/hdb/mdb backends

parent 6baa23f0
...@@ -70,10 +70,33 @@ ldif test-ldif: FORCE ...@@ -70,10 +70,33 @@ ldif test-ldif: FORCE
regressions: FORCE regressions: FORCE
@echo "Testing (available) ITS regressions" @echo "Testing (available) ITS regressions"
@$(RUN) its-all @$(MAKE) bdb-its
@$(MAKE) hdb-its
@$(MAKE) mdb-its
its: regressions its: regressions
bdb-its: bdb-its-$(BUILD_BDB)
@echo "run configure with --enable-bdb to run BDB tests"
bdb-its-yes bdb-its-mod: FORCE
@$(RUN) -b bdb its-all
hdb-its: hdb-its-$(BUILD_BDB)
@echo "run configure with --enable-hdb to run BDB tests"
hdb-its-yes hdb-its-mod: FORCE
@$(RUN) -b hdb its-all
mdb-its: mdb-its-$(BUILD_BDB)
@echo "run configure with --enable-mdb to run BDB tests"
mdb-its-yes mdb-its-mod: FORCE
@$(RUN) -b mdb its-all
clean-local: FORCE clean-local: FORCE
-$(RM) -r testrun configpw configpw.conf *leak *gmon *core -$(RM) -r testrun configpw configpw.conf *leak *gmon *core
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