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ITS#7789 doc updates

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......@@ -787,7 +787,13 @@ int mdb_env_get_fd(MDB_env *env, mdb_filehandle_t *fd);
* this process. Note that the library does not check for this condition,
* the caller must ensure it explicitly.
* If the mapsize is changed by another process, #mdb_txn_begin() will
* The new size takes effect immediately for the current process but
* will not be persisted to any others until a write transaction has been
* committed by the current process. Also, only mapsize increases are
* persisted into the environment.
* If the mapsize is increased by another process, and data has grown
* beyond the range of the current mapsize, #mdb_txn_begin() will
* return #MDB_MAP_RESIZED. This function may be called with a size
* of zero to adopt the new size.
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