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Deleted "subordinate" keyword, added slapo-glue doc

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......@@ -1395,18 +1395,6 @@ backend database. Multiple suffix lines can be given and at least one is
required for each database definition.
If the suffix of one database is "inside" that of another, the database
with the inner suffix must come first in the configuration file.
.B subordinate
Specify that the current backend database is a subordinate of another
backend database. A subordinate database may have only one suffix. This
option may be used to glue multiple databases into a single namingContext.
If the suffix of the current database is within the namingContext of a
superior database, searches against the superior database will be
propagated to the subordinate as well. All of the databases
associated with a single namingContext should have identical rootdns.
Behavior of other LDAP operations is unaffected by this setting. In
particular, it is not possible to use moddn to move an entry from
one subordinate to another subordinate within the namingContext.
.hy 0
.B syncrepl rid=<replica ID>
.\" Copyright 2004 The OpenLDAP Foundation All Rights Reserved.
.\" Copying restrictions apply. See COPYRIGHT/LICENSE.
.\" $OpenLDAP$
slapo-glue \- Backend Glue overlay
The Backend Glue overlay can be used to glue multiple databases into a
single namingContext. The overlay must be configured on the root database
of the context, and any other databases must be explicitly configured
as subordinates of the root database. All of the participating databases
should have identical rootdns.
All search and write operations will be intercepted by this overlay. Searches
against the root database will be propagated to all the subordinates. Write
operations will pass unaltered to the relevant target database. Note that
any overlays on the root database configured before this overlay will fail
to execute. As such, the glue overlay should always be the first overlay
configured on the root database.
.B slapd.conf
options apply to the Backend Glue overlay.
They should appear after the
.B overlay
directive and before any subsequent
.B database
.B glue-sub <suffix-DN> [async]
Specify the suffix of a database to attach as a subordinate to the root
database. The specified database must have already been configured. If the
optional "async" keyword is supplied, searches against this database may
be spawned in a separate thread to run concurrently with other operations.
default slapd configuration file
.BR slapd.conf (5).
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