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Trim schema

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......@@ -10,16 +10,10 @@ cosine.schema COSINE Pilot
duaconf.schema Client Configuration (experimental)
inetorgperson.schema InetOrgPerson
java.schema Java Object (RFC 2713)
microsoft.ext.schema Microsoft (FYI)
microsoft.schema Microsoft (FYI)
microsoft.std.schema Microsoft (FYI)
misc.schema Miscellaneous Schema (experimental)
nadf.schema North American Directory Forum (obsolete)
nis.schema Network Information Service
openldap.schema OpenLDAP Project (FYI)
test.schema OpenLDAP Software Schema (internal)
ppolicy.schema Password Policy Schema (experimental)
test.schema Test Schema
Additional "generally useful" schema definitions can be submitted
using the OpenLDAP Issue Tracking System <>.
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