Commit 60c0f615 authored by Ralf Haferkamp's avatar Ralf Haferkamp
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Revert "fix libraries order to build with --enable-dynamic (ITS#6517)"

This reverts commit f8d944cb. Not needed
anymore, since libldif was merged into libldap. Additionally the commit
broke linking with "--as-needed".
parent 1e622636
......@@ -170,12 +170,10 @@ LDAP_LIBREWRITE_A = $(LDAP_LIBDIR)/librewrite/librewrite.a
LDAP_LIBLUNICODE_A = $(LDAP_LIBDIR)/liblunicode/liblunicode.a
LDAP_LIBLUTIL_A = $(LDAP_LIBDIR)/liblutil/liblutil.a
LDAP_L = \
# AutoConfig generated
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