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OpenLDAP 2.1 Change Log
OpenLDAP 2.1.7 Engineering
Fixed liblber bvarray_add bug (ITS#2142)
Added libldap additional schema routines
Updated ldapmodify -c error handling (ITS#2133)
Build Environment
Update {thr,sched,pthread}_yield detection
Misc updates
OpenLDAP 2.1.6 Release
Fixed slapd unsupported non-critical control handling
......@@ -12,13 +19,13 @@ OpenLDAP 2.1.6 Release
Updated slapd adlist support
Updated slapd disallow bind_simple_unprotected
Updated back-bdb/ldbm add/delete/rename ACLs
Updated back-shell surrogate parent code
Updated libldap_r Pth support (ITS#724) (ITS#1033)
Added libldap get referral option (ITS#2121)
Added libldap DIT content rule routines
Added back-shell "entry" ACLs
Added slapd obsolete schema checks
Disable suffixAlias feature (ITS#2117)
Removed back-shell surrogate parent code
Misc minor fixes and cleanup
Build Environment
Fixed back-bdb module linking problem
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