Commit 8cb7f2f8 authored by Ondřej Kuzník's avatar Ondřej Kuzník Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#8755 Do not close the default SockBuf a second time

parent c8c4a842
......@@ -131,7 +131,9 @@ ldap_ld_free(
LDAP_MUTEX_UNLOCK( &ld->ld_res_mutex );
ber_sockbuf_free( ld->ld_sb );
/* Should already be closed by ldap_free_connection which knows not to free
* this one */
ber_int_sb_destroy( ld->ld_sb );
LDAP_MUTEX_LOCK( &ld->ld_ldopts_mutex );
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